Welcome To the Lab Site POLYLAB. Our lab has the mission to perform Analyses the Waters, Sludge, leach ate, Food and Industrial Products analyses...

POLYLAB is enriched thanks to a 15 year experience in the field of analytical performance.

POLYLAB has always put the reliability of results and service quality first ...

POLYLAB was approved by the state under Law No. 120 of 27 December 1993, APIA No. 1700004001 approval and approval SDJ080419H API.

The confidence of our customers have in our work proves  the excellent reputation acquired in the field either of  microbiology or of physicochemical over the years.


Word Of Director

Mrs Jridi Faiza born Siala 

It is with pleasure that we welcome you on our web site. we have envisaged this portal with a lot of enthusiasm in order to allow you to navigate and discover easily all the services concerning analysis. We can to offer you to deal with your projects. Looking forward to having the opportunity to serve you.





    Personal means

    POLYLAB has a qualified and specialized team consisting of an engineer, senior technicians and consultants either in chemistry, microbiology or the environment.


    Our goals

    POLYLAB 's mission is to carry out studies, research, physicochemical and microbiological analyses in different areas such as water from different sources, environment (waste water, sludge, leachate), food and industrial products and this according to standardized methods recognized internationally.


    Our Commitments

    - To provide analytical services.
    - To boast our work.
    - To offer personalized service.
    - To be up to date.












Working together to protect the public health and the environment.



POLYLAB 's mission is to conduct research in various fields



Being a Council referral partner, offering superior quality of service.


Analyze the requirements of our customers by providing a high quality service..



Serve a good quality through a reliable and punctual service so as to meet the requirements of our customers.











  • ISO17025 Accreditation

    Being ISO17025 Accreditation

  • Hygien and HACCP training

    Hygien and HACCP training


    Treatment Anti Cockroach & Anti Rat

    To fight against rodents and rats we use effective products which are certified by the public health.



    Our Laboratories


    Microbiology Laboratory

    The microbiology laboratory performs analyses and this according to standardized methods recognized internationally from live microorganisms, usually invisible to the unaided eye can be observed that in using a microscope or culture colonies.
    The analyses involve many sectors such as the animal or human food, water, environment and industrial products among the analyses: Total germs count at 37°C, total germs at 20°C, total coliforms, fecal coliforms, Escherichia coli, fecal stretreptocoques, enterococci, salmonella, legionella and other germs...


    Physicochemical Laboratory 

    Our laboratory of physicochemical analysis offers a set of services based on your assets and finished goods and all types of matrices.
    Among the analyses carried out and this according to standardized methods recognized internationally:

    PH, temperature, salinity, sulfate conductivity, chlorides, TA, TAC, bicarbonate, carbonate, total nitrogen, ammoniacal nitrogen, nitrate, nitrite, phosphorus, phosphates, heavy metals, organic matter, silica, fluoride, potassium, sodium, dryness, residue dry, DCO, DBO5, suspended solids, turbidity, viscosity and other analyzes ..


    Nos Perspectives


    ISO 17025 Accreditation


    Hygiene and HACCP Training









    Adresse : Route de Mahdia Km2 Ave El-Bousten, Chemin de Brigand, CP. 3002 Sfax - Tunisie
    216 74 43 81 67 / 216 20 401 235
    216 74 43 81 66

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    De Lundi au Vendredi de 8h00 à 18h00
    Le Samedi de 8h00 à 14h00

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